Meet our Border Collies, Flash and Sky, the guys, oops, I mean the girls who run the farm. assisted by Redvers (Red), our newest helper



New Barn Farm is a small livestock farm in the historic Essex village of West Hanningfield.


The Farm

Along with some chickens and the occasional duck, we have two pedigree rare breed herds of cattle, Dexter's and our more recent acquisition, Red Polls.  These are joined by our Pedigree Gloucester Old Spot pigs and a flock of Texel Cross Sheep.  All of our livestock are reared in the traditional way with the cattle and sheep being grass fed.


Our Animals

We try to give our animals the best possible life they can have, using natural feed wherever possible and ensuring that any other feed is GM and antibiotic free.  Their diet is supplemented by apples and other fruit and vegetables.


Our Produce

We like to think that as our animals are well cared for and treated as individuals, this is reflected in the quality of our produce.


We started out with Dexter's which produce high quality beef with good marbling and an excellent flavour with the cuts and joints being on a small scale due to their size.  However, when we lost our Bull, Trojan, due to old age, we decided to take on a Red Poll Bull, as sometimes the Dexter's can be too small!


The Red Poll Herd started after a request from our butcher!  Red Poll beef is renowned for its full flavour, good marbling and tender texture, and has the advantage over the Dexter beef that the joints are that much bigger. 


When we were researching the Red Polls, we found that both Dexter and Red Polls produce fantastic beef and some think that Red Poll beef has the edge over Dexter beef and others think the opposite.  We have tried both and prefer the Dexter beef, but to be honest, it is a very close contest.


The Gloucester Old Spot Pigs produce "old fashioned" pork with fantastic flavour and wonderful crackling.  The bacon and gammons are full of flavour and our local butcher who does all of our smoking and curing uses traditional methods.


Our sheep are Texel crosses and we like to keep some of the lambs for a longer period and sell them as Hogget's as they have a far superior flavour than lamb and can be cooked the same way



Our hay, haylage and straw are either cut from our own fields or other fields in the local neighbourhood including meadow grass from the Danbury area and are kept as weed free as possible as we not only use it to feed our cattle and sheep but also feed it to our two horses.


Food Miles

Our animals are sent to a small local abattoir and are delivered from there direct to our local butcher who we use for all of our butchering and curing. Our animal feed is supplied by local millers, Marriages, who are based in Chelmsford. As well as cutting down on the food miles, we are also supporting local businesses.

New Barn Farm

Blind Lane

West Hanningfield



0781 4663585

Members of the following associations


British Pig Association


Gloucester Old Spot Society


Red Poll Cattle Society


Texel Sheep Society

Where to buy


Direct from the farm. Please call 0781 4663585 to arrange a suitable appointment.


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1st Friday of every Month
From 10:00am to 12:00pm
Highwood Village Hall, Catch Up Cafe, CM1 3QW

1st Saturday of every Month

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1st Sunday of every Month

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2nd, 3rd & 4th Friday of every Month

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Hadleigh Farmers Market

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