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February or March normally is the start of the lambing season for us.  We also prefer to sell our lambs once they are over a year old as we believe that the flavour is far superior to lamb produced from younger animals.  Due to the seasonal timetable, the Hogget and Mutton are subject to availability

Lamb – Young lambs, under one year old – some cuts suitable for fast cooking.

Hogget – Lambs between one and two years old

Suitable for slow cooking with less fat than Mutton.  Can be slightly larger than lamb but smaller size cuts than Mutton.


Mutton – sheep which are over two years old, excellent flavour with higher fat content than the hogget, larger cuts than Hogget or Lamb.

Obviously it depends on the actual animal but a whole leg joint can weigh up to three kilos!




Grass Fed Texel Hogget Price List

Grass Fed Texel Mutton Price List